Why Do I Need an Appointment to Visit the Dogs?

We get that question a lot. So let me explain. The kennel area in our shelter is very small, the hallway is narrow and there are dogs on both sides of the aisle. Each dog has a kennel and for now, that is their home. When strangers come into their homes, they become upset and bark and jump around. Many dogs do this when strangers come into their homes (I know mine does). Imagine twenty or more dogs barking and jumping at once. It is very upsetting to them and usually to the people who go into the kennels. The pups know the shelter kennel staff and are comfortable with them being in their home.

The shelter also has a very small staff. On a normal day, we have one person working in our dog kennels responsible for taking care of over 20 dogs. It is impossible for them to get everything done and stop to bring dogs up every time we have a walk-in. 

For this reason, we do our dog visits by appointment with an approved application. You can find all of our adoptable pets here. Once your application is approved you will be contacted by our adoption coordinator for an appointment. Check your email for your approval (including your Spam box). 

Every spring we hold an open house at the shelter, this allows the public to tour our facility, including the dog area. If you are interested in seeing the whole operation check back for the date! 

We thank you for understanding and for supporting our shelter!