I Found a Dog, Now What? 

If you find a lost dog or cat in the City of Edgewater and cannot locate the owner, contact Edgewater Animal Control at 386-424-2000 option 4. DO THIS FIRST! Even if it is after hours it generates a report that can be used later to help us locate the owner. 

Social Media

Once you have done that, There are several lost pet pages/groups on Facebook. If you search Lost Pets Edgewater or Lost Pets Volusia they will all come up for you to post a photo and where you found the pet. The Shelter will also take a lost pet report. If the pet is in poor condition skip this step and wait for Animal Control. 

What Happens Next

When a stray pet is brought into the shelter, we check it for a microchip, post it on our pages and attempt to locate the owner. If no owner is located we hold the pet for 72 hours, our vet examines it, we give it vaccinations, microchip it, and spay or neuter it if necessary. The pet is then placed up for adoption. If we know the owner we attempt contact for three days before placing them up for adoption. 

What Not To Do

If you find a dog, please do not try and rehome it. This is someone’s pet, animals get out and a loose pet does not mean a bad owner. Animals get out, people leave doors and gates open. It happens and we try to do all possible to reunite a pet with its people. If that is not possible, we ensure the pet has had proper veterinary care prior to adoption. 

The Dog is in Poor Condition

If the dog is in poor condition it is even more important to involve animal control and the shelter. This ensures that the pet will get proper veterinary care. 

If you have questions call us at 386-402-7476. We are happy to help.