COVID-19 Procedures

We get many questions about our adoption process. Here is how it works. We are currently posting all of our pets on our Facebook Page and in our Virtual Adoptions Group on Facebook. Some of them are on our website and Petfinder. We try really hard to keep it all updated but we have a tiny staff, once COVID-19 is over we will be looking for a volunteer to handle that part of our process.

If you see a pet you are interested in or you know you want to adopt a pet and aren’t sure which one, that’s ok, we can find you the perfect match! Apply online on our website. Our adoptions coordinator will be in touch, please complete all sections of the application. If you are a renter or in an HOA we MUST have the information to contact them. You cannot be approved if you are a renter without landlord permission. We also check vet records, any current pets must be up to date on their vaccinations. We do check court records, depending on the infraction and when it was you may be denied. Many times our coordinator will simply ask you some questions and we can resolve most issues.

Once you are approved, we will set up an appointment (using safe social distancing procedures) to meet the pet you are interested in or check out some others. If you are interested in a dog and you have children or another dog, we will make recommendations for you. We do require a meet and greet with your current dog and or your children to be sure there is not an issue. We also do what we call FTA, Foster to Adopt. This means you agree to foster your chosen pet for at least 72 hours to see if indeed the pet is a good match for you, your home and your lifestyle. If so, you then return and sign all your adoption paperwork, get your picture taken and you are on your way.

Our adoption contract does require you to return your pet to us if for ANY reason it does not work out. Please do not rehome your pet, return it to us and we will be happy to find him/her another home. We understand that sometimes things do not work out and that is ok. When adopting a pet from a shelter it is so important to remember that until they went home with you they were living in a SHELTER. It does not matter how much we love them or how nice our shelter is, it is still a shelter and not a home. There WILL be an adjustment period and many pets will be anxious until they settle in. Please be patient and call or message us at any time for assistance. We are heavily invested in our pets and want to help you all be successful.

All the pets that are adopted from EAS are up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, on flea and heartworm medications and microchipped. If you adopt a kitten or a puppy who is too young to be spayed or neutered we will schedule your surgery prior to your departure.

Please contact us if you have questions at